Traditional colours and finishes for the authentic 19th century window look

Residence 9 is available in traditional colours that look like stained timber or mimic the traditional painted wooden window look. You won’t need to maintain the window as much as real timber but the authentic finish means Residence 9 looks just as good.

Dual colour options are available, giving you the choice of two different colours for inside and outside. If you want a natural timber look on the outside but prefer a painted look on the inside to match your home’s colour scheme you can. You can even create a Tudor style look with black and white.

Golden Oak
New for 2014
New for 2014
White Grain
Silver Oak
Corse Lawn
Clotted Cream
Irish Oak
Cotswold Biscuit
No. 10 Black
Cotswold Green
Eclectic Grey
English Oak