19th century flush sash timber window design with modern features & benefits

Residence 9 windows are designed to replicate 19th century flush sash timber windows. Traditional features built into the design help R9 achieve the original timber window look, and this attention to detail has even seen Residence 9 accepted in conservation areas.

With Residence 9 you get all the character of real wood windows combined with the performance benefits of modern double glazing.

Traditional Joints

Original wooden windows were always mechanically jointed, whereas windows made from modern uPVC are welded at the corners. Even if a uPVC window is foiled to give the appearance of timber, welded joints are a tell-tale sign it’s actually uPVC.

Residence 9 timber effect windows can be manufactured using welded corners, but if you want a true authentic look, even up close, we can make them using traditional mechanical jointing methods.

Conservation Approved*

Maintaining the original aesthetics is important in buildings within areas of extraordinary environmental or historical interest. Because R9 is designed to be as true to the look of original timber windows as possible it can be considered for installation in period and heritage properties.

Don’t compromise on appearance; you can retain a building’s historical beauty whilst making it a more secure, comfortable and energy efficient place to live with Residence 9 timber effect windows.

Handcrafted in Britain

Every Residence 9 window is hand made in Britain by skilled craftsman to your exact requirements, and you can customise your window with different colour options and styles of hardware.

Got an unusual shaped window? No problem. R9 can be made to any design, including arched or circle shapes, to match the original style and at the same time provide excellent performance benefits such as increased security and better insulation against the cold.

Thermally Efficient

As beautiful as original timber windows are they’re not the most energy efficient. Typically single glazed, these older windows are prone to draughts and cold spots, letting more heat escape from a home.

Most modern uPVC systems feature five-chambered frames to improve thermal efficiency. Residence 9 goes beyond this, with a nine-chambered frame providing superior insulation against cold and draughts to keep a home warmer.

It can even help reduce the risk of condensation forming. The unique design of R9 also helps when replacing original 19th century timber windows as you won’t be left with any unsightly brickwork showing.

Classic Hardware

To further replicate the authentic 19th century window style decorative pear drop and monkey tail handles are available for Residence 9 windows. This traditional style hardware adds character to old and new properties alike.

And you won’t have to compromise on safety when going for a traditional appearance. The full range of R9 hardware and security device options ensure the highest security standards are met.

Pear drop and monkey tail styles look great in period properties but if you prefer a simpler look standard cranked handles are available too.


Residence 9 is only available in the traditional colours original wooden windows would’ve been painted in. The only difference is with R9 you won’t ever have to sand down and re-paint your windows to keep them looking as good as new.

There’s a range of colours to choose from to suit personal tastes, complement a property’s exterior and even match existing windows. Once installed a Residence 9 window is virtually indistinguishable from timber and this is helped by the fact the rebates are foiled too.

Usually these are left white which is fine when the window’s closed but once opened it gives the game away. R9 frames are foiled all over so opened or closed the window will look the same.

Traditional Details

Georgian bars – Georgian bars can be added to Residence 9 windows to replicate the traditional Georgian latticework found in period townhouses. We use astragal bars that have the same depth as the bead for a more authentic look, but not every supplier offers this.

Traditional butt hinges – Hinges on windows are usually hidden but with original timber ones this wasn’t the case. Using traditional butt hinges adds authentic character to Residence 9 windows other modern systems lack.

Bays and cornerposts – Bay windows are common in period houses. The look can be replicated with R9 by recreating cornerposts and joints for an authentic looking bay window.